Winner of the 2019 American Fiction Award for a novella


A book that will appeal to fans of Fae romance, urban fantasy and new age fiction, Angela Savidge’s debut novella Urban Faery: A Modern Fantasy touches on such subjects as the Trump administration’s offshore drilling initiative, the revolutionary #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, and Southern California’s cannabis and surf cultures.


Los Angeles, 2018 - Cate has grown disillusioned with the realities of Hollywood and a deep sense of meaninglessness has been looming over her lately. Desperate to reconnect with the natural world, she wades into the ocean at one of Malibu’s most notorious surf breaks but is unaware that a powerful swell has moved in putting her in the direct path of danger. When Cate is rescued by a mysterious surfer named Luc, an alluring Welsh renegade and a modern-day descendant of the ancient Fae race, she is propelled into a new era of self-discovery and a total re-evaluation of the world around her.


The first in a series, a novella-length, fast-paced, and fun read. 


10% of all proceeds from this book will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation. 

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