ANGELA SAVIDGE was born on an American military base in Germany and raised in rural North Carolina. She moved to New York City in her early twenties and has lived in Los Angeles for more than a decade where her debut novella, Urban Faery: A Modern Fantasy, was originally conceived as a pilot for a television series.

Angela is a dreamer and writer with an insatiable urge to travel the world in search of all things magical. Currently, she is working on a series of Urban Faery-inspired photo shoots in which she will be transforming herself into a magical raven.

In the fall of 2019, Angela will be traveling from Los Angeles to Wales and England where she will be attending book signings and a variety of magical festivals including the Glastonbury Faery Ball in Glastonbury, UK. Her tour will cumulate at International FaerieCon .

Author's Note

From Urban Faery: A Modern Fantasy

If someone were to ask me how this story originated, I would have to answer that my entire life has been leading up to it. Raised in a deeply entrenched southern Baptist community in rural North Carolina, the mere idea of finding salvation sent me running as fast as I could into a nearby forest, where a babbling creek provided the ideal soundtrack for my innermost thoughts and spirited journeys into the Otherworld. 

In my teenaged years, I happened across a book entitled Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, as dictated by Jane Roberts, and to this day, I do not remember how I acquired it – but it forever altered my perception of the world around me. The text, spoken by a discarnate entity named Seth, was my first introduction to the concept that we live within a multidimensional reality, that our bodies and the entire universe are composed of timeless atoms and molecules flickering creatively through space. As Carl Sagan famously said, “We are all made of star-stuff.” Shortly thereafter, I was given the book Black Elk Speaks by John Neihardt. The story of the Oglala Lakota visionary and healer helped to deepen my understanding of the unity of humanity and the natural world around us. This idea was further cemented into my mind, as it was for all of us, when in 1994 The Lion King was released, perfectly illustrating the hero’s journey in regards environmental spirituality – the circle of life and the gravity of taking one’s place in that circle; the importance of living in harmony with nature. And the following year, the IMAX film, The Living Sea, with accompanying score by Sting and narrated by Meryl Streep, stunningly unveiled the Earth’s dependence on the ocean; a breathtaking work and a soundtrack that I still listen to regularly today. And lastly, one cannot leave this dawn of the Aquarian age without mentioning The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, a book that opened my eyes to the potential for wondrous transformation by way of visionary fiction.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 1998, I moved to New York City and commenced a globe-trotting adventure through the imaginative and immensely driven world of film production, a free-spirited endeavor that eventually ushered me through the gates of Universal Pictures in Los Angeles. Nearly two decades passed as I integrated myself into the fast-paced rhythm of a predominately materially-obsessed urban environment, and slowly, over time, I somehow lost my special connection to the spirit world. That all changed in 2014 when, on a soul-searching sojourn to the rain forests of Oregon, I serendipitously discovered a book entitled Faery Tale: One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World by Signe Pike. Signe’s brave attempt to engage with the spirit world and her courageous search for humans who still believe in the elusive beings we call faeries, inspired me to embark on a journey of my own through the trials, ordeals and rewards of reconnecting with oneself; a process that led to the initial inception of this story. 

The Goddess Tarot deck by Kris Waldherr supported me tremendously in my personal growth during this time of discovery. 

Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess: Invoking the Morrigan by Stephanie Woodfield and The Ancient Art of Faery Magick by D.J. Conway were two books I utilized immensely while creating the characters Luc, Night Owl and Madoc. 

Finally, in the fall of 2018, as I was completing this manuscript from an east coast Florida haven, I watched the heartbreaking devastation on television as Malibu burned, and I thought back to very last time I’d visited the City of Angels. I had taken my daughters for a hike in Solstice Canyon and decided to set Luc’s cottage there. 

On this Earth Day, April 22, 2019, I dedicate this book to my LA girls, to the future generations of Angelenos and to the residents of Malibu; to the Tongva and Chumash Indian tribes who roamed the lands of Southern California long before we did and to ancient Fae race who live among us still.

10% of all proceeds from this book will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.