5.0 out of 5 stars 

A wonderful escape into a modern fairy tale

September 17, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A nice novella length escape into a modern fairy tale with a clear love for LA, the environment, and Welsh mythology. Angela’s imagery and scenic descriptions are masterful, truly transporting the reader out of our reality and into the book. She seamlessly weaves the history of Hollywood, LA, and her characters’ histories throughout the narrative, teaching while entertaining.


A hidden gem and a magnificent read!

June 20, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Urban Faery: A modern Fantasy pretty much stole my afternoon in the most fantastic way! I downloaded it and thought I would read a chapter or so during lunch. Boy was I wrong! I literally could not put the book down.

The writing is absolutely stellar, far better than I had anticipated. Angela's command of the language and plot pacing along with beautiful imagery create an addictive read. In fact, I feel like Cate and Luc leaped off the pages and pulled me through a portal into their magical world. I find this author's writing reminiscent of Barbara Kingsolver and my all time favorite female writer Linda Hogan who wrote "Solar Storms".

I also love that it's educational about the history and culture of Los Angeles and the Welsh immigrants that helped build the city.

The only thing negative I can say about this book is that it's testing my patience to wait for the second one. I want to binge read about Cate and Luc's excursions like one binge watches their favorite Amazon or Netflix show. It's that good.


Great read! Flows beautifully...

July 10, 2019

Format: Paperback

Superbly written... yet whimsical and fun! I could not put it down. You feel as though you are on the pages with the characters. Ancient yet relevant. Brilliant! Can't wait for the next book!